World PWD: “Gold” Stefanoudakis in the javelin


THE Manolis Stefanoudakis gave Greece its second gold medal (and third overall) in World Championships in Athletics for the Disabled, held in Paris. The Greek Paralympian took first place in the F54 javelin, with a throw of 29.17m. in his last attempt, he improved on his performance this year and climbed to the top step of the podium. Stefanoudakis’ throws in order were 25.46m, 28.61m, 28.62m, 28.80m, 28.70m, 29.17m. Slovakian Ladislav Kucran won the silver medal with 28.94m. and the Indian Abhishek Chamoli in 3rd place with 24.16m.

At the same time, Stefanoudakis became the fifth Greek athlete who secured his ticket to the 2024 Paralympic Games in Paris.

In the second final of the penultimate day of the games with Greek interest, the Stella Smaragdi ranked 12th in the T47 length with a best jump of 5.01m, in the first attempt (he still had 4.76m and 4.97m). The gold medal was won by Kiara Rodríguez from Ecuador, who even achieved a world record with 6.23m, the silver with 5.96m. the New Zealander Anna Grimaldi and the bronze the American Tali Williams with 5.65m.

Tomorrow (17/7), the last day of the World Championship for the Disabled, three more Greek athletes compete: Thanasis Prodromou in the T20 final (10:12), Lazaros Stefanidis in the F33 final (18:30) and Fotis Dimeris in the final of the sphere F42, F61, F63 (19:00).

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