On the side of the acquitted of rape accusations, Vinicius: I am sorry for what he went through


THE Vinicius Jr rushed to his defense Benjamin Mendy who was acquitted of rape charges after essentially being out of football for two years. The Brazilian striker of Real also took issue with the media that adopted the accusations against the French former ace of Manchester City.

Vinicius’ tweet reads: “I’m sorry for everything you’ve been through, Benjamin Mendy. You lost two years of your career, but that’s the least of this whole situation. What about psychological damage? Your life will definitely never be the same again. The culture of video destruction has found yet another victim.

How long will we be accused and condemned without having the right to defend ourselves? Fake news is being created and spread without fact-checking (which I felt a lot over the holiday season) and it’s only getting worse.

Being responsible is the minimum for any professional, but today serious work is the exception. There are no limits to getting more clicks and attracting more audience.

My question is what can be done to fix the damage?»

Source: Sport Fm

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