Djokovic cried after losing the final!


He couldn’t hold back his tears Novak Djokovicafter losing the Wimbledon final to Carlos Alcarath.

The Serbian champion initially showed a willingness to joke and congratulated the Spaniard on his success. However, when he spoke of his son and looked towards him she burst into tears.

Good afternoon to everyone. It wasn’t very good for me, but it sure is for Carlos. I have to start by congratulating Carlos and his team. He showed quality at the end of the match, he hit big serves, you deserve it, it’s amazing. I thought I’d have trouble with you on dirt and hard surfaces, not grass, but… It’s different this year, apparently. Congratulations. You played a couple of times on grass this year, it’s fantastic what you did. Congratulations to your team“, he initially said with a smile.

“I don’t like losing games like that, but when the emotions settle down I should be grateful because I’ve won a lot of close games over here. I should have missed some finals that I’ve won, so we’re… patsy.”

On his wins in Australia and Paris and whether he’s happy about the good year he’s had so far:Maybe I’ll be happy tomorrow morning. Today not so much. When you are so close… We work for these moments every day, to compete in the biggest stadiums on the planet. I have been blessed to have given many incredible games in my life, this is one more. I am grateful despite the loss. I lost to a better player. I must congratulate him and move on. I hope stronger».

When asked by the journalist about his family’s support, Novak Djokovic couldn’t stand it: “It’s nice to see my son still there smiling». The crowd erupted into applause as the Serb bowed his head and burst into tears.

After apologizing to the journalist, he added: “I love you. Thank you for the support and I will give you a big hug».

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