Malatos on bwinSPORT FM: “Not even for… children what the EPO says about the disciplinary procedure”


He called it childish Andreas Malatos through News Bulletin 247 the claims of the EPO that first the investigative procedure in the criminal part must be suspended and then the disciplinary investigation into the case of the international illegal betting ring should be initiated.

The president of the Institute of International and Greek Sports Law made it clear that such a thing is in no way a prerequisite. “The disciplinary process is independent from the criminal one and can evolve in parallel and much more easily, because it is very flexible. Merely mentioning team matches in Sportradar’s reports as suspected of manipulation would be enough to initiate disciplinary proceedings and impose disciplinary penalties“, he initially emphasized.

There should be some regulation to guide how the chairman of the Ethics Committee of the EPO, chairman of Appeals, Charalambos Kotoulopoulos, will act. It’s not his fault. The shortcoming of the EPO is that it does not have any regulations. The EPO’s claim is funny, not even for children, for elementary school students. Unfortunately, the source of the evil is the lack of clear regulations and provisions, and I am very afraid that this is done on purpose, in order to manipulate the actors according to their interest“, he added.

Do not assume that all proceedings will result in a criminal conviction. For a case to come to court and a sentence imposed there are so many prerequisites that it is difficult. We may have disciplinary convictions and criminal acquittals. We have seen it happen, as for example in the Koriopolis case because the conversations were not properly transcribed. The issue of the evidentiary process must be disconnected from the infernal act. No evidence needed. If it appears that your game has excessive betting, you should be disciplined“, concluded.

Source: Sport Fm

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