“The hottest summer for the EuroLeague – Panathinaikos leads, made an earthquake with Slukas”


The website Mozzart Sport characterizes this year’s Euroleague as the hottest transfer summer in a tribute it publishes. In this he makes a special mention of Panathinaikos, underlining that this is the team that leads the… bargain.

“The hottest summer in the Euroleague with 80 new contracts. Panathinaikos is leading, followed by Red Star, but the big target was Mirotic”. is the title of this dedication,

“By far the most active team is Panathinaikos. So far 10 player names have been added to the roster. First of all Ergin Ataman, who has one goal, to bring Panathinaikos to the top of the Euroleague, so he has a free hand and a huge budget, with money that has already brought him to their team: Lukas Vildosa, Matias Lessor , Ioannis Papapetrou, Kostas Antetokounmpo, Jeremy Grant and Kyle Grant but the real earthquake was caused by the arrival of Kostas Slukas to the team. The former Olympiakos player did something unexpected, he decided to join the ranks of his greatest enemy“, he says and continues…

“With these names of the players, Panathinaikos is unlikely to see them again in the last positions of the Euroleague standings. A team like this can take on anyone“, he emphasizes.

Of course, he also mentions Olympiakos, for whom he makes a great deal of reference to the return of Milutinov.

“… his biggest boost so far is the return of Milutinov. The Serb returned to Athens after a superb showing in Moscow and will now lead Olympiakos, who have signed Nigel Williams-Goss and Luke Sikma, who will replace Vezenkov.” it mentions about Piraeus adding then the names of players who have renewed with the team or have been acquired.

Source: Sport Fm

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