Olympiacos: The pre-sale for the friendly in honor of Spanoulis is open for everyone


They circulate and… disappear! The tickets for his big friendly Olympiakou with Armani Milano, in which he will be honored Vassilis Spanoulison September 17 at SEF, were made available to all Olympiakos friends from today.

Until recently, they had been released only for season holders and 3,000 tickets had been sold. Prices range from 12 to 500 euros.

The announcement:

The big time is approaching and everyone will be there for VASILIS SPANOULIS. KAE OLYMPIAKOS SFP informs its fans that from today (17/07) the pre-sale of tickets for the event in honor of the V-Span Legend and the friendly with Olympia Milan, “THE NIGHT OF THE LEGEND”, starts for EVERYONE, which will take place on SUNDAY 17/09/2023 with a start time of 20:30.

The duration of the 2023/2024 season will NOT apply to this event.

Until now, tickets were only available to season ticket holders, however, from today (Monday 17/07/2023) they will be available to all fans.

• Through the INTERNET from www.olympiacosbc.gr AND from www.ticketmaster.gr from Monday 17/07/2023 at 10:00.

• Through the call center on phone 211 1996007 from Monday 17/07/2023 at 10:00.

• The ticket prices are as follows: €12, €15, €20, €25, €30, €40, €60, €80, €150, €200 and €500.

For the tickets of the most expensive categories and VIP, you can also contact the offices of K.A.E. OLYMPIAKOS on the phone 210 45 27 600.

Based on the new Sports Law that is already in force, K.A.E. OLYMPIAKOS informs the fans that, for the purchase of each ticket in any way (internet, publishing houses, telephone center, etc.), the following information is necessary: ​​the owner’s name, AMKA number, as well as his mobile phone or email . Without the presentation of the above information, it will not be possible to purchase a ticket.

Entry of children – Attention!

We remind you that only children up to 5 years of age have the right to enter without a ticket (without a guaranteed seat) to Olympiakos matches. For the entry of children over 5 years of age, it is necessary to issue a ticket or hold a season ticket in the child’s name. It is also necessary for the child’s companion to have with them an official document proving the date of birth of the accompanying child/children. If the above instructions are not followed, entry will not be allowed.

The OLYMPIC AMATEUR fan card for the specific match is NOT mandatory.

Source: Sport Fm

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