The 78-year-old accused of raping a minor, with his baptismal victim, to whom he allegedly gave alcohol and drugs to render her incapable of reacting, was released from prison by the will of the Thessaloniki Criminal Council.

The 78-year-old, a well-known magician with the artistic name “Xanthos Magos”, was remanded in custody last February and has been held in Grevena prison since then. With his appeal to the Misdemeanor Council, he requested the replacement of the temporary detention with restrictive conditions, a request which was accepted.

Under these circumstances, he was released from prison with the restrictive conditions of not leaving the country, appearing at the police station of his place of residence, as well as not being able to approach the victim and participate in events with minors.

The defendant, whose details were made public by prosecutor’s order, is being prosecuted for repeated rape and abuse of a minor. The acts attributed to him, according to the indictment, were committed between June 2020 and August 2021, in Nea Kallikrateia of Halkidiki and in Thessaloniki, when the victim was 16 years old.

He denies the charges claiming that his godfather falsely accused him because he refused to give her money when she asked him to. According to his lawyer, the competent Judicial Council will decide on his referral (or not) to trial, with a new will that it will issue.