The Australian national team is asking for equal treatment for the Women’s World Cup


The disparity in pay between this year’s World Cups was touched upon in a video on social media by the 23-member Australian delegation, which co-organizes the event (20/7-20/8). The occasion was the corresponding World Cup in Qatar, during which the profits for the participating teams amounted to 440 million euros.

More specifically, this year’s premiums for women amount to 110 million euros, just about 1/3 of the World Cup in December. Despite this, the remuneration this year has received an increase of 300%, i.e. from 30 million euros in 2019.

It was only in 2007 that the fee for the Women’s World Cup was established, 25 years after the men, while for a decade they have not had to wash their own clothes!

Despite steps taken globally to equalize the pay gap and last year’s agreement between the US national teams for equal pay, the problem for World Cups remains.

The position of the World Federation

FIFA president Gianni Infantino has set a target of equal premiums for the men’s and women’s tournaments by 2027. However, he suggested that sponsors and broadcasters have a role to play in achieving this. At one stage, this year’s Women’s World Cup faced a media “blackout” in countries across Europe after FIFA deemed initial broadcast bids “unacceptable”. A deal was finally signed in June, but giving little time to promote the tournament.

Edited by: Maria Sarafoglou

Source: Sport Fm

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