The Fair Play award of the season ended up… rightfully in the hands of Christos Ligadas!


Lessons of noble rivalry and humanity… generously taught 1.5 months ago by Christos Ligadas of K17 Olympiakouin the semi-final of the Super League K17 against Mars.

The young midfielder of the “red and whites”, had made one terrible Fair Play throwing the ball out of the field of play and while his team had excellent conditions for a counterattack, as well, the defender of the “yellows”, Thomas Magis, who had lost the ball, was on the ground writhing in pain after being injured in an unsuspecting phase.

An action that not only everyone applauded, but also “gifted” to Ligadas the 2022-23 Super League Fair Play Award!

In fact, the young ace of Olympiakos received the relevant award from Pitzirikas defender of Marssending – albeit small – one very nice message in the field of football!

Speaking about his commendable action, Mr Christos Ligadas had declared after the victory and qualification of Olympiakos over Aris: “These are the values ​​of our team, this is what Olympiacos stands for and it was a foregone conclusion that I would do it. There was no way I could continue the phase. Olympiacos represents this thing and in such situations we must act similarly.”

Source: Sport Fm

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