Red Star responded to Partizan and others about the expulsion: “Farco comedy!”


His administration did not leave unanswered Red Star the movement of Adriatic League teams, including Partizan, for the expulsion from the organization for non-observance of some sponsorship agreements. With their statement, the “red and whites” characterized yesterday’s meeting of the ABA Liga as a farce, from which they abstained, while they spoke of coalitions based on interests, accusing the president of Partizan, Ostoja Mijalovic, of a biased attitude.

Among other things, the announcement states:

Red Star’s decision not to attend this Assembly turned out to be absolutely correct, because as one of the clubs that are the founders and co-owners of this league, but also a club that fully respects the Social Contract, we did not want to hear monologues (with aimed at misinforming the majority clubs) of Dragan Bokan, Ostoja Mijailovic and Granic, an ABA League “lawyer” who is slowly but surely becoming the private attorney for this duo and certain interest groups who would like to run the league according to their their interests, not the interests of basketball in the region…

Red Star will not participate in pranks and meetings that last hours and where we do not discuss basic things that are important to the league, such as the match calendar (ABA was the only league in the world that started and ended the 2022-2023 season without fixed match dates – we saw the consequences during May and June), but also issues that are vital to the interests of Serbian basketball – such as 6 Serbian clubs in a 14-club league (and for which our team strongly supports ) and what are some Serbian clubs against her, especially Partizan? Why;

We believe that this issue is much more important than Studetsky’s acceptance into the membership of the temporarily expanded ABA League (which, we remind you, has 14 clubs after the COVID period)…

We remind the public that KK Crvena zvezda Meridianbet adheres to the ABA League Social Contract and, arguments aside, has the right and the law on its side.

This is why we really care which “majority of clubs” are in favor of kicking Red Star out of the ABA league. In order to finally and once and for all “count” who really supports and defends the interests of Serbian basketball in the ABA League! We will be closely watching the continuation of the Assembly meeting, which is supposed to be scheduled for Monday, and Red Star will report everything in detail to the public»/

Source: Sport Fm

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