The eight devilish weeks of Olympiakos and Panathinaikos in the Euroleague


One more devil’s week from last year, i.e. eight instead of seven, it includes Euroleague of the 2023/24 season. The reason is the long break in February which will not only include the domestic Cups, but also the “windows” for the Eurobasket qualifiers, where now all international players will be available.

Olympic and Panathinaikos they will work hard in these doubles. In fact, January includes three devil weeks, two of which are back-to-back at the beginning of 2024. In detail, when are they and what do the double matches for the “eternals” include:

1st Devil’s Week

3rd Competition

17/10: Virtus Olympiacos

10/18: Panathinaikos-Maccabi

4th Competition

10/19: Olympiacos-Partizan

10/20: Panathinaikos-Maccabi

2nd Devil’s Week

8th Competition

14/11: Maccabi-Olympiakos

15/11: Panathinaikos-Zalgiris

9th Competition

16/11: Olympic-Red Star

17/11: Panathinaikos-Virtus Bologna

3rd Devil’s Week

12th Competition

5/12: Olympiacos-Real

5/12: Ephesus-Panathinaikos

13th Competition

7/12: Panathinaikos-Real

8/12: Olympiacos-Bayern

4th Devil Week

15th Competition

19/12: Virtus Bologna-Olympiakos

20/12: Monaco-Panathinaikos

16th Competition

22/12: Armani Milan-Panathinaikos

22/12: Villerban-Olympiakos

5th Devil Week

18th Competition

2/1: Olympiacos-Armani Milan

3/1: Baskonia-Panathinaikos

19th Competition

4/1: Olympiacos-Monaco

5/1: Valencia-Panathinaikos

6th Devil Week

20th Competition

9/1: Panathinaikos-Ephesus

10/1: Barcelona-Olympic

21st Competition

11/1: Panathinaikos-Monaco

12/1: Baskonia-Olympiakos

7th Devil Week

24th Competition

30/1: Olympiacos-Alba

31/1: Panathinaikos-Armani Milan

25th Competition

1/2: Bayern-Olympiakos

2/2: Zalgiris-Panathinaikos

8th Devil Week

30th Competition

19/3: Ephesus-Olympiakos

20/3: Red Stars-Panathinaikos

31st Competition

21/3: Olympiacos-Villeurban

22/3: Panathinaikos-Barcelona

Source: Sport Fm

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