Athanasiou: “Kleinheisler is the most likely replacement for Tserin at Panathinaikos”


The latest news of Panathinaikouon the occasion of tonight’s friendly with Rayo Vagecano on the Avenue, carried by Nikos Athanasiou to News Bulletin 247.

It’s the dress rehearsal, ahead of the official matches against Dnipro for the Champions League qualifiers, Panathinaikos plays Vagecano, the most difficult opponent it has played in this year’s pre-season friendlies. Ioannidis and Senkefeld trained yesterday, while Cerin has a bone swelling and is out for two weeks. This reduces the chances that the Slovenian will be available at least for the first game against the Ukrainians“, he initially reported about the friendly and was then asked by Stavros Chondrothimios about Ivan Jovanovic’s possible options ahead of these crucial games:

Laszlo Kleinheisler, according to what Jovanovic has shown in the friendlies, will play instead of Cerin in this position. We will also see Vilena, who still needs time to reach the desired levels of readiness. With today’s data, Kleinheisler seems like the most likely replacement for Cherin. Regarding the list, Panathinaikos will announce its decisions by Thursday for the three foreigners who will be left out».

Hear what he had to say about the transcripts running in the background

Source: Sport Fm

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