What was said at the press conference for the UEFA Super Cup to be held at “Karaiskakis”


The press conference for his final was held at noon on Tuesday (18/7). UEFA Super Cup 2023which will be held on August 16 at “Georgios Karaiskakis”with the Champions League holder, Manchester City, going up against the Europa League trophy holder, Sevilla!

The “present” at the event held at Athens City Hall and organized by the Super Cup Media Manager, Nikos Gavalasthe Deputy Minister of Sports gave, Giannis Oikonomouthe Mayor of Piraeus, Yannis Moralisand the Mayor of Athens, Kostas Bakoyanniswho talked about organizing the grand finale!

First to speak was the Deputy Minister of Sports, Giannis Oikonomouwho emphasized that this particular final marks the dynamic comeback of our country, while clarifying that the goal is for our country to organize as many sporting events as possible.

“UEFA has chosen our country for two great competitions! Conscious choices that signal the dynamic recovery of our country and the reliability of our government’s work. Our goal is to strengthen the extroversion of Greek sports, since we want as many sports events as possible. The best bet for us is the perfect organization of major sporting events”he said characteristically.

Afterwards, the Mayor of Piraeus spoke, Yannis Moralisstating: “The UEFA Super Cup final is the biggest football event of the summer. It is our pleasure to host the fans and the teams, in a European final that will be held in “Karaiskakis”, for the first time since 1971. We are ready to organize our city, we will have various events and festivals in Korai Square. On the 14th of August we start, but mainly on the 15th and 16th of the month we will have important things. The final is recognition for Olympiakos and for “Karaiskakis”, which remains modern even though it is 20 years old”.

Finally, the Mayor of Athens took the floor, Kostas Bakoyannisemphasizing: “Our great joy and excitement for the biggest sporting event of the year, the event of events! All the lights will be on Athens and Piraeus, with the global interest we will attract. It is a huge opportunity for Piraeus, Athens and Greece. To ask the Mayor and Minister for their commitment that from September 1st we will start the bid to host the final again in Greece. From 2026 we will have a state-of-the-art stadium in Votanikos, which will be ready to host that big final as well”.

Source: Sport Fm

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