For non-existent conspiracy theories and obscene insinuations, which slanderously try to associate the fires with the wind turbines, the Hellenic Scientific Association of Wind Energy (ELETAEN) speaks in today’s announcement on the occasion of related reports.

Specifically, the Union states that:

1. Wind turbines, like many other types of installations and activities, are legally allowed to be installed in forested areas under conditions of environmental protection. Therefore there is no incentive to fire or “de-characterize” the forest area as some imagine.

2. On the contrary, the destruction of a forest area by fire or other cause makes it difficult, and not easier, to permit the installation of wind turbines. The burned area is automatically declared reforestable and the licensed facility is required to carry out increased studies, measures and protection actions, alongside the reforestation and restoration projects it is required to carry out anyway.

3. The case of Karystia, where there is a sufficient concentration of installed and licensed wind turbines, is typical: all the outbreaks of forest fires in the last 20 years are outside wind turbine areas. And there, as in all of Greece, there is no correlation between wind turbines and fires.