Provydakis: “We came ‘read’ and got the grade”

Provydakis: “We came ‘read’ and got the grade”

Costas Provydakis stressed that they corrected the wrong texts of the match in the Cup, that his team has improved on an individual and team level, considers how to look at each match separately and waits in the rematch of the Cup on Wednesday the same match as tonight.


On how important the score against Mars is: “We are very happy with the score we won today. We came more ‘read’ and, thus, we managed to get this point more easily, which raises us a place in the score “.

On whether anything changed in this game compared to the Cup game: “In relation to the Cup match, we fixed some problems and, thus, we were not threatened at all by Mars and, in fact, we could finally get and victory. We are very satisfied and in the next game we will give 100% of our potential again “.

On whether Lamia plays better in away games: “We have improved compared to previous games, both individually and as a team, because we were in the danger zone and we had to get out of it.”

On whether this score helps the team psychologically: “We have to look, from now on, each game separately, not to celebrate from now on, because there are many games and we have to play very well, so that we get what we want is worth every game “.

For the game of the Cup: “On Wednesday in the replay we expect a similar game to take place today. I believe that he will be judged on one goal. We will give it our all, because, for me and for many of my teammates, it is a dream to be in the semifinal phase of the Cup “.

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