BBB 22: Maíra Cardi revolts to see Arthur Aguiar eating bread live


Arthur Aguiar fell into temptation during his participation in BBB 22 (Globo). At least in the view of his wife, Maíra Cardi, who was disgusted to see him on the pay-per-view of the program performing a very common activity for the vast majority of people: eating bread.

“Baby, you couldn’t have eaten bread!” she said in a video posted on social media. “You’ve just destroyed all the work I’ve done on your little body. Nine kilos have gone for nothing. Thirty days fighting in that little body to be there beautiful, on display, for all Brazil to see. And you ate bread! Don’t do that. “

Cardi introduces herself as a “weight loss entrepreneur”. The former BBB sells a program that involves personalized menus and training, as well as “special 24-hour reception” through the internet. On social media, he usually gives tips on the subject.

Cardi’s reaction amused netizens, who captured the video and shared it on other social networks. “Now I understand why Arthur is in such a calm vibe within the program, he’s free”, joked an internet user. “I think she made a joke and I will continue to believe that because otherwise it would make me very upset,” commented another.


On the show, Arthur recently commented on his relationship with his wife. The two reconciled after a noisy breakup that involved multiple accusations of treason he allegedly committed.

In a chat with Naiara Azevedo, he stated that the former BBB and businesswoman was more hurt by him not revealing to her the fence jumps than with the betrayal itself. That’s because she would have said that he could be with other women, as long as the two of them talked first.

“What hurt her was not the betrayal, what hurt her the most was the lack of loyalty”, he evaluated. “She always said to me from the beginning, ‘If one day you’re attracted to another woman and you want to [ficar], speak to me. We can bring her into the relationship, have an experience. Or I can say, ‘Go there if you’re horny’.”


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