Almeida: “My father and Michalis helped us from above” – ​​The post with the bereaved fan!

Almeida: “My father and Michalis helped us from above” – ​​The post with the bereaved fan!

What Matias Almeida said in detail at the press conference after the qualification against Dinamo Zagreb:

Did Michalis score the goals tonight?

“First of all, good evening. We should write a separate paragraph about the feelings we have from the loss of this child. I believe in this justice that from somewhere should be given to his family. I was able to talk to his mother and the rest of the family. I know and believe that both myself and my father are making an… effort from above to help the team. In the competitive part, we left out a great opponent.

An opponent with mobility, with technique who plays very good football. We proved that we fight until the last second. It is not easy in this European competition to score four goals against this Dynamo. We also made a lot of chances. The opponent created and made them goals. There are many positives left from the game, many that can be fixed. The love shown by the players is important.”

What is it that in the 91′ AEK scores, has extra time and chases another goal at the end that it finds?

“We are all convinced of what we are doing. The appetite the mood we show. How united this team is. we made five changes again and the team went up. It is this part that we will never give up. We may play badly, we may play well, but we never give up.”

Is Livakovic one of the best goalkeepers in the world?

“Right now we’re talking about one of the best there is. With a bright future, but the team we faced had a lot of young players with huge talent. And above all with an excellent football system. It wasn’t easy.”

Was qualification a matter of honor?

“I work and live based on honor. It’s not easy. Because I am a sinner like any human being, it is not easy to live by your honor. I work for the honor that football gives me. For the passion, for the respect I have for football, because it changed my life. Every time I take a second of my life I do it to honor it. I don’t do it for money, I don’t do it for fame. I do it to honor it. It’s the most beautiful thing in my life.”

What do you know about Antwerp?

“From tomorrow we start studying them. The time we spent at Dinamo was enough. We have a few days of preparation and rest to face them. He will be a tough opponent. I believe that we are also turning into a difficult opponent.”

A bit later, Matias Almeida uploaded on Instagram a photo he had taken with Michalis Katsouri, to whom he dedicated the qualification of AEK. The photo is outside the Spata training center and reads: “This qualification is dedicated to you Michalis».

Source: Sport Fm

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