Antwerp-AEK: “Union” has left the Philadelphia saga, for another step for the stars!


Her journey to the stars continues… AEK is out of breath! Just three days after the epic qualification over Dinamo Zagreb with two goals in stoppage time, the Greek doubles on Tuesday night (22/8, 22:00) are hosted by Antwerp in “Boswill”, in the first meeting of the two teams in Playoffs of Champions League.

The match will be televised from Cosmote Sport 2 HDradioed by News Bulletin 247while there will be live updates from

Of course, AEK’s goal in Antwerp – where it will also have its people – is to lay the foundations and take another step for the “golden” groups of the leading inter-club football competition, having the return match at the OPAP Arena next Wednesday (30 /8, 22:00). At the same time that it is guaranteed its presence in the Europa League groups, but also large revenues. If everyone in her classes wants the… maximum possible!

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Matias Almeida’s team will enter the match essentially with just one training session, after the game against the Croatians in New Philadelphia. Factor, which was also mentioned by the Argentinian technician in the press conference ahead of the match. At the same time, he also commented on the widespread summer prevalence (3-0 in a friendly 120′) of his total against Antwerp, pointing out that tonight’s match will be different and that AEK on the one hand respects its opponent, on the other hand wants to play its own game.

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On the same wavelength and the technician of the doubles of Belgium and once a great midfielder, Mark van Bommelwho praised the “Union” characterizing it as a difficult and experienced team.

Remember here the Profile of Antwerp, which plays its first match in this year’s qualifiers and which comes from the 1-1 draw at home to Leuven. In total, in the new league, they have two wins, one draw and one loss, while on July 23 they also won the Super Cup by beating Malin on penalties.

In the competitive part, the “yellow and black” do not face any problem, except of course his Paolo Fernandez, who will stay in the “pitches” for a long time. In fact, the mission also included Ezequiel Poncereplacing him Tom Van Weert and it is quite possible that he will get playing time, making his debut in his second term at “Enos”, while the Theodosis Macheiras which was loaned to Volos.

From there, given the few 24 hours since the game with Dinamo and the depth that AEK has in its roster, it is possible Almeida to make one relative rotation.

On the other hand, the Belgians do not count on their main left back, Gaston Avila, who will continue his career at Ajax. At the same time, he will also be out Christopher Scottwhile his participation is doubtful Alhassan Yusuf. Both midfielders, with the former having creative skills and responsibilities.

Possible compositions:

Antwerp (Mark van Bommel): Bitez – Bataille, De Laet, Alderweireld, Vines – Eckelenkamp, ​​Vermeiren, Balikuisa – Kirk, Janssen, Ondreika.

AEK (Matias Almeida): Stankovic – Sidibe, Vida, Mukudi, Hadjisafi – Eliasson, Jonson, Szymanski, Pineda – Garcia, Zuber.

Referee: Francois Letesier (France)

First Assistant: Cyril Mounier (France)

Second Assistant: Alexis Auger (France)

4th referee: Lukas Fedrich (Sweden)

VAR: Fendi San (Switzerland)

Source: Sport Fm

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