In addition to the final height of Gusin and Dousi, Kulichenko of Cyprus qualified


In the 19th World Championships in Athletics in Budapest, the Greek gymnasts in height failed to exceed the qualification limit and were excluded from the final of the sport, where the Elena Kulichenko of Cyprus.

THE Tatiana Gusin he did not manage to exceed 1.92m as he scored three failed attempts and was ranked 17th. The Greek vaulter started the efforts with 3/3 as she comfortably cleared 1.75m, 1.80m and 1.85m, while she needed three jumps for 1.89m, but that was not enough to give her a ticket to the final.

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From the first group, Panagiota Dosi “stumbled” at 1.85m and was eliminated from the final of the high jump in her first participation in World Athletics Championship. Previously, he cleared 1.75m on his first attempt and 1.80m on his third attempt.

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On the other hand, Elena Kulichenko who represents her Cyprus equaled her individual record at 1.92m reaching 8th place and will compete in tomorrow’s final.

It should be noted that no athlete from the two groups reached 1.94m, which was the qualification limit, but the ranking was finalized with the previous jumps. The high jump final will be held on the last day of the event in Budapest (27/8) at 21.05 with 12 participants.

Edited by: Maria Sarafoglou

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