AEK: “No one with smoke bombs, lasers and without a ticket – We support the team again without risk”


A call to the fans to support the team without “paradigms” and in the first league game did the AEK.

The yellow-black PAE underlined that the strict security measures that existed and were absolutely respected in the match against Dynamo will also apply in this one with him Panseraic.

The relative announcement states:

“Friends of AEK,

The security measures for the league games as well, with the first one against Panserraikos at the OPAP Arena, are in the same context as those announced by the government after the meeting with UEFA.

In addition, since the end of the previous season, PAE AEK has made it clear officially and in all tones that there is no way for our team’s home games to be held in conditions similar to those created in certain matches of the 2022-2023 season.

This means that in the match against Panserraikos there will be very strict pre-checks, as well as physical checks at the gate entrances with the presence of EL.AS.

The use of flares, lasers and smoke generators is expressly prohibited, as well as the transportation of any dangerous object into the stadium.

It should be noted that apart from the risk of punishment for our team, the security camera system is fully operational and at the disposal of the authorities.

As was the case during the previous season, through the closed circuit monitoring, any offender is identified and the penalties follow on a personal level.

Not only those that arise based on legislation, but also those imposed by PAE AEK regarding the prohibition of the offender’s presence on our stadium in the future. These sanctions have already been applied and will continue to be applied.

It is also pointed out that it is strictly forbidden to enter the stadium with any backpack or bag. No one will go through screening if they have any of these with them.

Obviously, no one can approach the stadium area without a ticket from the moment the gates open.

It is very important to emphasize once again that children are not allowed to enter without a ticket. Please pay special attention to this to avoid any inconvenience when entering the stadium. Children without a ticket cannot enter the stadium.

Finally, we remind you that in the match against Panserraikos you must have with you the season tickets corresponding to the championship and the Greek Cup.

PAE AEK thanks its fans in advance for their cooperation.

As it was also seen in the match against Dinamo, we can support our team effectively and live great moments, without taking any risk in terms of safety by observing everything that the law provides and having a spirit of cooperation with those responsible for observing the safety rules.

We want you with us! We are one and we can live great football nights with respect for each other”!

Source: Sport Fm

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