Gusin: “When half of Greece is burning, it doesn’t matter if I cry about 1.89”


THE Tatiana Gusin he may have been disqualified in the preliminary round of the height from his continuation World Athletics Championshipsbut will leave the Budapest with my head up.

This was also seen from her statements in mixed zone, immediately after the completion of the competition. The 28-year-old athlete considered it pointless to dwell on its performance, when Greece is suffering from the fires.

What Tatiana Gusin said in detail to the ERT camera:

“I made the same mistake as last year at the World Cup, I passed the critical height with third. So it seems I’m learning from my mistakes. It’s kind of dumb that I was left out because of this and I want to cry right now, but I’m holding it back. I’m too healthy for my own standards, for someone else I might be too injured. I was in really good shape, I just got a little numb and really stressed out. I made the right jump, just at the wrong attempt and it’s choking me. I want to cry but I won’t, I think this is stupid.

I’m here, I gave my best, I could do better. And also, at this moment Greece is suffering, half the country has burned. So me crying about 1.89 doesn’t matter. People lose your houses so I won’t complain at all. I have been suffering from a knee injury for six years, this year I overcame it. At the Philotheis Gala I had a very good start to the year, and then something else happened.

So I felt an indignation, because I had said that I could do one season without pain. People are tired of hearing that Gusin is injured, I don’t like it. Next year I will try to be in the Olympics. This “why” remains in me, unfortunately we are going for next year”.

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