Terrible reactions in Spain with Rubiales: The players of the women’s national team are leaving!


The… serial around him Rubiales goes on. The president of the Spanish federation made a least indecent move during the awarding of the gold medals to the players of the Spanish national team, when he kissed her on the mouth Hermoso! A move that brought huge reactions on social media initially, with him trying to justify himself… unsuccessfully!

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Now, the tension in Spanish football “hits” red, with the reactions escalating more and more. Especially after Rubiales’ speech, where he stated that he is not resigning and will continue to fight, most clubs have stood by the player. Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and other teams in the country support Hermoso, which is also the case with her teammates in the national team. In fact, the matter has even reached the prime minister of the country, who has asked to resign!

The 23 soccer players who were on the mission and conquered it Women’s World Cup as well as 58 former players of the “furia rocha”, signed a joint statement in which they make it clear that if the management of the Spanish football federation remains the same, then they will not compete with the national emblem.

Of course, because some tried to… change what she had stated from the beginning Hermoso and distort her words, she herself wanted to clarify her position!

“I want to clarify that, as seen in the images, at no time did I consent to the kiss he gave me and, of course, in no way did I try to pick up the president. I don’t tolerate having my point questioned. Don’t make up words I haven’t said”said in a statement Hermoso!

At the same time, dozens of footballers have caused a… wave of support for the Spanish midfielder. THE Sergi Busquets was one of them, as well as Borja Iglesiaswho stated that he will not compete again in the Spanish national team with the existing conditions.

“I am sad and disappointed. As a footballer and as a person I don’t feel that what happened (at the meeting of the Spanish football federation) represents me. I find it unfortunate that they continue to push and focus on one colleague. Wearing the Spanish national team jersey is one of the greatest things that has happened in my career. I don’t know if I will be in the selections again, but I have decided not to compete in the national team until things change, until these kinds of acts do not go unpunished. For a fairer, more humane and dignified football”was the message of her forward Betis.

Source: Sport Fm

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