PAOK beat the formidable Kifissia and now… full for qualification!


He continues absolute in the championship and turns to… Europe o PAOK! His team Razvan Lucescu she was superior but also quite chatty, which resulted in Kifisia finding a historic goal to equalise. However, the hosts thanks to his own goal Chapan they got the victory (2-1) for 2/2 and now they turn to the rematch with Hearts where they want to lock membership in his groups European Conference League.

Improved n Kifissiabut he still didn’t manage to get something and counts two defeats in as many games, while showing that he still needs a lot of work.

Home match against opponent Fearless for Kifissia (with the match taking place in Lamia) the following matchday, while PAOK are hosted in Crete by OFI.

In the coach’s mind

Razvan Lucescu lined up PAOK with 4-2-3-1. Kotarski at home and Vieirinia, Kenziora, Mihailidis, Baba in defense. Tsigaras, Ozdoev in midfield, with Tyson, Murg, A. Zivkovic in the central attacking triplet and Jima at the top of the attack.

With 4-4-1-1 Yannis Anastasiou brought down Kifissia. Christianson in the goal, with Sakics, Vafea, Tsapan, Loumor in the four defense. Papasavvas, Peios in midfield, with Iliev, Masoura on the flanks and Tetei behind the only promoted Ozegovic.

The match

The first minutes in the game, with PAOK from the 10th minute onwards to pick up the pace and take steps on the pitch. In the 14th minute, Lucescu’s team had the first good moment in the match, when Dad made the cross from the left, o Jim got into the path of the ball, but o Christianson kicked out. In the 21st minute, Dikephalos had another good moment, when o Tyson played vertically for him Zivkovicwho squared out under pressure Dyerwith the referee going to VAR to finally show the white arrow.

THE Andria in the 25th minute he took the penalty, with Christianson however, to pull it off and thus PAOK missed a huge opportunity to open the scoring. Afterwards, the Thessalonians had possession of the ball and pressed, trying to find the goal. On the contrary, Kifisia played on the counter-attacks without any result.

The minutes passed and finally PAOK’s pressure turned into a goal at 45+2′! THE Dad he made the turn to Murg, he placed with the one drawn by o Christianson but the Jim he took the rebound to score for 1-0. Somehow, PAOK went to the locker room with a lead.

In the second half the Kifissia he was pressing better and had taken measures on the field, trying to create some good moments, but PAOK continued to dominate and try to create phases to clear the match.

From the 70th minute onwards, the home team occupied the away team’s goal and were looking for the second goal. However, Kifisia in a counterattack froze Toumba making it 1-1. THE Lumor in the 75th minute he made the cross, Kotarski made a very mistimed exit and Masouras scored with a header in front of an empty net to equalize. That was it first historic goal for Kifissia in the Stoiximan Super League.

However, this did not deter him PAOK who… gasped and missed a huge chance in the 77th minute. THE Christianson he didn’t clear the ball well from his shot NarayThe Ozdoev did not place on the spot while the Konstantelias and Lyratzis they didn’t find a target! But a minute later, Dikefalos finally found the back of the net and took the lead again, with Constantia to make an improbable heel, o Dad the shooting and the Chapan in his attempt to get away he scored in his team’s goal (1-2).

Then there was tension on the benches of the two teams, with the referee hurrying and calming the spirits, even handing out cards. Until the final whistle, nothing changed with him PAOK to do the 2/2 and turn now to Europe, while the combatant Kifissia to know its 2nd defeat in the league.

MVP: THE Dad he was the most valuable player of the match. The ball constantly passed through his feet while he was involved in both of PAOK’s goals. Very good overall today, with terrific tackles and a constant source of danger towards the opposition goal.

The whistle: THE Chetsilas he had a good refereeing. He correctly awarded the penalty to PAOK in the first half, while he also correctly did not award a penalty to Kifissia in the second when they shouted.

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