Internet users wish Faustão a good recovery after heart transplant


Faustão’s name quickly became among the most commented subjects on social networks, after the information that the presenter underwent a heart transplant this Sunday (27). The new heart arrived at dawn and the surgery, which lasted 2h30, was successfully performed.

According to a medical report from the Albert Einstein hospital in São Paulo, Fausto Silva remains in the ICU. “The next few hours are important for monitoring the organ’s adaptation and rejection control”, says a statement signed by cardiovascular surgeon Fábio Antônio Gaiotto, by cardiologist Fernando Bacal and by the hospital’s medical director, Miguel Cendoroglo Neto.

Among Internet users, several messages wished a prompt recovery for the presenter, who had been hospitalized since the 5th of this month and was in line to receive a donation from the organ. “The real Domingão do Faustão is the one in which the presenter underwent a heart transplant”, highlighted Maisa Vasconcelos. “May the recovery be brief and successful.”

“Happy for Faustão”, wrote Guilherme Braga Alves. “Hopefully for the recovery to be a success. Long live organ donation. Donating is an act of love.”

Marco Aurélio Cunha was another one who wanted to leave a message for Faustão. “May everything go well for Faustão”, he published. “Those who know him know the size of his kindness, simplicity and love for others. Good recovery Fausto Silva. Prayers and positive thinking.”

An internet user identified only as Cá also remembered encouraging organ donation. “Good recovery, Faustão. Cheers!”, She told her. “Gratitude to this donor and his family. May everyone have a second chance. I am an organ donor and this is indicated on my social networks, SUS and before the family. Donate life. Donate health. Donate love.”

Source: Folha

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