Van Gaal: “Messi was destined to win the World Cup”


THE Netherlands defeat Argentina on penalties in Qatar World Cup quarter-finals seems to have cost him Louis van Gaal.

The Dutch national coach at the time was asked about the result on the sidelines of the Eredivisie event and commented that “I don’t think about it because… I don’t want to say much. Look, you see the 2-2, it has extra time and then a penalty. But if you look at Argentina’s goals, how we scored and how some Argentinians crossed the line and weren’t penalized. I think it was preordained”.

When asked by a journalist whether he thinks that Lionel Messi “should” have been crowned world champion, he answered “I think so”.

It is recalled that “Albiceleste” was ahead 2-0 of “Oranie”, who had returned with two goals at the end, however they would ultimately lose in the penalty shootout, with Argentina eventually winning the trophy by bending France and white bullet.

In fact, in the “8” match, there had been a confrontation between Van Gaal and Messi…

Source: Sport Fm

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