Rubiales resigned from the RFEF presidency!


The decision to resign from the leadership of the Spanish Football Federation was taken by Luis Rubiales. The RFEF president revealed this in an interview he gave to Piers Morgan and shortly afterwards announced it through the federation’s website.

THE Rubiales has caused a stir with his move to kiss Hermoso on the mouth after the Women’s World Cup final where Spain went on to lift the trophy against England. All this brought huge reactions in the football world and a lot of pressure on him to resign, while he is accused of sexual harassment.

In fact, Rubiales also resigned from the position of vice-president of UEFA, which he held, while he is facing heavy accusations from the public prosecutor’s office in Spain, one of them being sexual harassment.

“Regarding my resignation, yes, I will. I will because I can’t keep working. You can’t imagine the relentless pressure”he emphasized, among other things, earlier in an interview with Piers Morgan.

“I talked to my father, my daughters, close friends. They told me “now you have to focus on your dignity, you’re going to go on with your life differently so you don’t end up hurting the people you love, the sport you love and what you’ve been building for a long time”. but it’s not just about me. My attitude can have major consequences, and that’s today. Today is the smartest thing to do.”he continued.

Source: Sport Fm

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