Rapper Ne-Yo’s ex-girlfriend arrested for child abuse


Former girlfriend of singer Ne-Yo, influencer Sade Bagnerise was preventively arrested for child violence. She is accused of helping her eldest son hit a classmate.

Security cameras near the scene of the attack showed that the influencer and her son hid behind bushes near the neighborhood school bus stop. The pair allegedly surprised the child after she got out of the vehicle and the threats and beatings began.

According to a report on the website RadarOnline, the mother of the attacked child, Veronica Madison, filed a lawsuit against the influencer. “Sade kicked my son and strangled him before spraying pepper spray in his face,” Veronica described in the petition in the case that took place six months ago, but has only now become public.

“My son was being bullied at school and I only got involved to help and protect him like any mother would do”, defended the influencer, in an interview with RadarOnline, when talking about the first-born who is not Ne-Yo’s son. The singer has seven children, two of them with Sade,

Sade was detained for four days and had to pay bail worth 31 thousand dollars, a little more than R$ 150 thousand, to leave prison.

Source: Folha

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