Epic Medvedev to Djokovic: ‘What are you still doing here’?


In another conquest Grand Slam arrived Novak Djokovicafter winning 3-0 sets against Daniil Medvedev in the final of the US Open, causing the Russian to be “indignant”.

Specifically, after the end of the match, in the interview he gave on the court, he addressed the Serbian tennis player: “First of all, I want to ask Novak, What are you still doing here?! Come on“, doing the whole thing Arthur Ashe Stadium to laugh.

While he continued in the same tone, taking stock of the matches between them: “All kidding aside, this is our third final, not the last I hope, because you’ll probably be in many more. I don’t know when you plan to calm down a bit»!

He then revealed the “gift” he was preparing for his wife for their anniversary: ​​”I was here 2 years ago when I won and thought what a great anniversary present for my wife. It’s funny because usually the dates change, but this year the final fell on our anniversary again and I thought, come on, do it again, but it didn’t happen.”.

Edited by: Maria Sarafoglou

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