Dubravka on Ronaldo’s hard hit: “I closed my eyes and prayed to God”


He escaped the worst Martin Dubravka after the harsh branding he received from Cristiano Ronaldo in Slovakia’s qualifier against Portugal Euro 2024.

Her superstar Al Nasr in his attempt to score, he didn’t find the ball as he would have liked and inadvertently bumped the 34-year-old badly, who came out to collect the ball.

Her goalkeeper Newcastle despite their contact, he was not injured and in the statements he gave after the end of the match, he said that he prayed before the hit, stressing that the Portuguese immediately showed interest in his state of health.

Cristiano hit me on the shoulder, neck and chest. I closed my eyes and prayed to God that he wouldn’t hit me in the face as well when I saw his foot heading my way. I closed my eyes immediately. These are the situations where the goalkeeper closes his eyes and just tries to block the ball“, he initially said and continued:

I don’t blame him. It’s sports and football like that. I realize that Ronaldo hit me with his boot and asked me after the incident: “Are you okay?” he accepted what happened with sportsmanship. I try to keep my mind present in situations like this. Football is a contact sport and today, with the presence of VAR technology, there is no point in delving into this topic“, were the words of Dubravka.

Source: Sport Fm

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