What about… dad Balcherofki at Panathinaikos!


THE Panathinaikos hired him Marcin Balcerowskihis father Olek Balcherovsky who competes in shamrock men’s basketball team, in the position of technical advisor to the club’s wheelchair basketball team. The 46-year-old father of the new ace of the “greens” was a player and coach in the National wheelchair basketball team in Poland.

Marcin Mbalcerowski was a basketball player in the minor divisions of Poland, until 2000, the year “Olek” was born, a car accident left him disabled. Marcin Balcerowski did not give up, but turned to wheelchair basketball, had a career for many years in Germany and in 2021 took over the role of coach of the Polish wheelchair national team. “My father found a new life after his accident. He taught me that you should never give up. It is the biggest example for me that you should always always look forward, never back and never stop anywhere“, Alexander had said about his father.

The announcement of Amateur Panathinaikos:

Panathinaikos made a great move after joining the wheelchair basketball team with Marcin Balcherovski, father of Alexander Balcherovski, who plays in the “clover” men’s basketball team.

This is a landmark move as it marks the first time father and son have contributed to both team basketball and wheelchair basketball at the same time.

Marcin Balcerowski is a great figure of wheelchair basketball in Poland who was a player and coach in the National team.

The 46-year-old, who started competing in a wheelchair since 2000, competed until 1998 with the jersey of Gornik Walbrszych, a second and third division team in his hometown.

In 2018, he led the Polish National Team to 6th place in the World Championship (he was included in the top five of the competition) and from 2021 he is its federal coach, while he also participated in the London Paralympics in 2012.

In a statement on www.pao1908.com Marcin Balcerowski said “I am very happy to be at the great Panathinaikos and we will serve it from different positions with my son. I look forward to actively helping the team from my position and to go as high as possible».

Source: Sport Fm

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