Beat Armenia and… Croatia leaves for the Euros!


Ready for another big event Croatian! His team Zlatko Dalic passed by Armeniawinning 1-0 and climbing to the top of the 4th group, while at the same time leaving the hosts at -3 and with a match more.

Third three-pointer in a row after the “gela” at home in the premiere against Wales for the “Crvatska”, who shows character in the qualifiers and scarfs for the finals Euro 2024.

The score of the 4th group:

The 6th matchday (11/09):

Armenia-Croatia 0-1

(14′ Kramaric)

Latvia-Wales (21:45)

The match

THE Croatian came in with a mood to press from the start of the match, looking for the quick goal. THE Petkovic in the 9th minute he touched it but the crossbar did not allow him to score. Nevertheless, five minutes later the guests found the lead when, after a “sneak peek” in the opposing frames, Kramaric scored from close range for 1-0. The hosts tried to encourage but were not easily finding lanes to his goal Livakovicwith Dalic’s team ending the half “off”.

A similar picture in the second part, since the experienced and particularly quality Croatians managed to control it. THE Kramaric had two good moments to extend his team’s lead, o Perisic another one, while also o Muse at the end of the match he almost… ended it. None of the aforementioned managed to do it, but Armenia was causing problems in the final phase and did not create, as a result of which they did not threaten particularly and the 1-0 remained until the final.

Source: Sport Fm

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