Kousteris: “This is the real meaning of the acquisition of Xavella by Atromitos”


In the importance of its acquisition Giorgos Tzavellas by Fearless mentioned Pavlos Kousteris without focusing on the purely competitive part.

The communication manager of the Peristeri team pointed out the real meaning of this move, stressing that: “Through this transfer, one man’s “madness” for this team is proven again and again and again».

At the same time, he conveyed the saying of Giorgos Spanos, who said: “I want to give it to us as a gift for its value, for its charm, for 100 years».

The post in detail

In this particular transfer, I am not going to stay in the competitive side. We’ve seen great “names” that got excited when they heard them fail to deliver on expectations and others that were ignored to make history. Many examples, needless to mention now.

The real meaning of this acquisition is different and much more important. Through this transfer, one man’s “madness” for this team is proven again and again and again.

“I want to give him to us as a gift for his value, for his swag, for 100 years.” This is Giorgos Spanou’s rant about a footballer with 50 international caps, with stints at Eintracht, Monaco, Alanyaspor (140 caps) among others, so the rest of us don’t have much to say.

The case was far from simple, but since both the president and Tzavellas wanted it so much, every other obstacle that existed before and arose afterwards did not matter.

Of course, it is not only Tzavellas. Valencia was announced two days ago. International with the national team of Chile.

All this together with the rest of the 10 transfers that preceded this summer, what has happened in Mazarakis who has reached the top level, but also many others, rank Atromitos at a level where three things must be done: 1) To we smile, 2) To support him in difficult times (support is also easy in easy times) 3) To protect him.

See you on Monday at the stadium!

Source: Sport Fm

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