Guidogan: “We disappointed Flick, the atmosphere in the national team is a mixture of failure and sadness”


For his dismissal Hansie Flick, but also about the situation that prevails in the ranks of national Germany, he spoke Ilkay Gintogan.

In fact, she was also the first time in the history of the “Manshaft” a coach is removed after a decision of the federation, as the just 10 predecessors (in 123 years) they left of their own accord.

The Barcelona footballer has spoken out about the incident, saying he feels that disappointed the federal coach, while adding that the climate of the team is a mixture of sadness, disappointment and hopelessness.

“The atmosphere in the team right now is a mixture of sadness, frustration and despair. As a player, I feel like I let Hansi down, to be honest.

He was always focused, full of motivation and energy. Unfortunately as a team we were not able to transform all the above elements into something.

The collective was what always made the German national team possible. Now we have several world-class players, but as a team we haven’t been able to get those elements out on the grass.

The best teams are the ones that give 100%. Mistakes happen but we shouldn’t accept them. When I won the Champions League with Manchester City last year I made a lot of mistakes, but me and my teammates were always ready to correct them.” were his words Gintogan.

Source: Sport Fm

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