Porter Jr. case: ‘Kevin, measure your days’


Confusion around his name Kevin Porter Jrwho will face American justice, after the violent attack on his partner.

The 23-year-old guard of the Rockets is accused of hitting the former player, as a result of which she was taken to the hospital with a broken bone and many bruises on her body. Of course, after that he was arrested by the police and will be asked to explain his actions.

His partner’s sister, Calabria Godrezic, has spoken out after what was learned with a text on her Instagram account that is not cool at all, apparently threatening the player with… retaliation.

Kevin, if you think you’re going to touch my sister and we’re not going to touch you… Count your g…days. Wish you could walk again, let alone dribble. You may have gotten away with those m..s in the past because your mom didn’t spank you in the c.., but we spank ad…s who paint their nails like you every day. Don’t show up at home. We’ll do it to you, little p…na».

Edited by Konstantina Tolia

Source: Sport Fm

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