Stamatelos: “There is a window to strengthen Olympiacos…”


The latest news of Olympiakouafter the transfer of Julian Biancone and the return of the internationals against the background of AEK, conveyed by Nikos Stamatelos to News Bulletin 247.

Kini, Rodinei, Androutsos, Biancone who can play as a central defender and as a right back. Stopper has Freire, Retsos, Doe, Poroso and Cisse which is not counted. They train alone, those who are not counted from the beginning of the season. They are one or two more than the ones he thinks the coach needs to have on the roster. This year we don’t have last year’s phenomena of excessive roster numbers“, was his comment on the data that is formed at the right end of the defense and in the positions of the stoppers.

Podense came, who wouldn’t want Podense and would argue that he doesn’t come because of too many footballers. In order for the transfer to take place, Martinez knows something more to give his consent. If there is any talk about the transfer of a free footballer, it might be in the midfielders, but it is not certain that anything will happen. And that’s because Martinez has come up with some issues“, he added.

And then he spoke about the upcoming derby with AEK: “We expect Solbakken, who has obligations with Norway, to finish today, with the rest starting today in preparation for the derby with AEK for New Philadelphia. But we can’t expect many changes in the starting lineup compared to the last game before the league break“, he said.

Source: Sport Fm

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