The opponents of the men’s and women’s national polo teams in the European


The Men’s and Women’s National Polo Teams count backwards for their participation in the Netanya European Polo Championship, which will be held January 3-16, 2024.

Hungary, Italy and Georgia will be the opponents of the men’s team, which will participate in the competition with the aim of continuing the great successes.

The silver world champion was placed in Group B. We remind you that in the first two groups of the competition, the 8th place teams of last year’s European Championship have been placed.

The top two of the first two groups will qualify directly to the quarter-finalswhile the other two will face off against the first two teams of groups C’ and D’.

National team’s group will cross with Group C (4A-1C, 3A-2C), which consists of Serbia, Germany, Israel and Malta.

Montenegro, Spain, France, Croatia are in Group A and Slovakia, Netherlands, Slovenia and Romania are in Group D.

The women’s national team draw

The women’s European Championships will also be held with the same system.

The silver European champion was placed in Group A along with Hungary, Netherlands and Croatia. If it takes one of the top two places in its group it will qualify directly for the quarter-finals.

In the event that it occupies one of the 3-4 positions, it will cross with one of the first two teams of Group C (4A-1C, 3A-2C), which consists of Romania, Serbia, Czech Republic and Turkey.

Spain, Israel, France and Italy participate in Group B and Slovakia, Bulgaria, Germany and Great Britain in Group D.

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