Congratulations from FIFA to EPO for its financial management


Credit to EPO for the way she manages her finances she was awarded the FIFAthrough a letter he sent!

As the Hellenic Football Federation made known in its announcement, the letter is signed by the head of the economic governance program, Meriem Atouk, emphasizing the need for the continuation of the same policy.

The EPO’s announcement in detail:

“FIFA gives credit to the Hellenic Football Federation for its financial management. This resulted from the financial audit carried out by the auditors of the World Football Federation, namely the FIFA Member Associations Department.

In a letter sent by the head of the Economic Governance Program, Meryem Atouk, she congratulates the EPO on its economic governance and encourages the continuation of the same economic policy.

The results of the FIFA audit and the reward of the Federation are the most important justification of the administration for the economic policy it follows. At the same time, they are also a response to the baseless accusations that are sometimes thrown against EPO for its financial management.

It is noted that in the immediately previous audits by the same auditors, in 2020 there were 28 observations and strong recommendations for a complete restructuring of financial governance, in 2021 only one observation, while in 2022 there were no findings.

Here is Meryem Atouk’s translation and original letter:

“The FIFA management would like to congratulate you on the good results during the Central Audit as no findings were found by the auditors. We really appreciate your effort and urge you to continue adopting good practices”.

Source: Sport Fm

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