The Armed Forces have been in the flooded areas of Thessaly for days and the army officers are fighting to save the trapped people. The photo posted on twitter by the head of GEETHA, Konstantinos Floros, and showing, among other things, a marine making his body a “bridge” for elderly people to step on shows their self-sacrifice towards the people who were in danger and saw their property destroyed.

In particular, in his post on platform X, the general publishes relevant photos of men of the 32nd Marine Brigade freeing elderly people, without hesitating to lie down in the mud themselves.

“A huge “Wow”, a huge “Thank you” and unlimited, deep respect for your effort, your toil, your sweat and your absolute dedication to the Purpose….

Keep OBSESSING with saving human lives, alleviating human suffering and helping our fellow humans!

The Armed Forces of the Homeland once again at the side of society, for as long as needed, where needed and with all the means at their disposal.

I have complete trust in you!

We are where GREECE needs us and we are continuing!!”, says Mr. Floros.