Delibasic shocks about the battle with the brain tumor: “I will not wait for my fate!”


At the beginning of 2023 his life Andrija Delibasic changed drastically when he was diagnosed with brain tumor. The Montenegrin veteran forward, who in 2006 had competed in AEK and now he is sports director at Buduchnost, he talked about the battle he is fighting and which he seems to be winning at first.

The battle continues. From the first moment they made it clear to me that it would be a long fight. It’s only been six months and this period is the best for me. I feel good and grateful to be alive“, the 42-year-old man emphasized to Mozzart Sport.

I had no symptoms at first. Gradually I felt very tired and a severe headache, which became more and more unbearable. After pressure from my wife, I went to the hospital. My blood tests and blood pressure were fine. She insisted I get a CT scan knowing I’m a person who doesn’t say she can’t stand pain. I knew something bad was going on and as strange as it sounds, I wasn’t shocked when I heard the diagnosis“, he added.

The doctors gave me a treatment to reduce the swelling next to the tumor. When the nerve stopped being pressed, I stopped hurting, which for me was the most important thing at that point. I was told that the site of the tumor was accessible. I talked to 15-20 neurosurgeons and no one could figure out what caused the tumor to form. I underwent an operation but I didn’t feel any fear, because I knew that I couldn’t change anything. Sports taught me to concentrate only on what depends on me. That’s why I was only interested in the next steps“, he continued.

What impresses is the courage with which he faces the situation. “To this day, I haven’t cried for a single moment because of what happened to me. And I won’t in the future. I know many who in such situations cross their arms and await their fate. But not me! I won’t until I finish my battle. I am disciplined and everything that happened changed my way of thinking, my perspective on the world and now I pay more attention to things that I neglected because of football. I spend more time with my family, friends, in nature. It annoys me when people ask me how I find the courage to keep going. What’s done, let’s move on!».

Source: Sport Fm

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