Lepeniotis on bwinSPORT FM 94.6: “A rich celebration, worthy of the offer of Vassilis Spanoulis”


The big night organized by KAE Olympiacos in his honor Vasilis Spanoulis catching up. Next Sunday (17/9) the SEF will do its best to welcome a crowd of people, at the event where the jersey of the “red and white” legend will be retired.

THE Nikos Lepeniotis spoke to News Bulletin 247 about the details of the event, which is expected to have a lot of surprises, and the impatience that exists in the “red and white” KAE for the big night.

It was not possible to do it earlier. It’s time to celebrate Santa. It will start at 20:00 exactly. It is important that everyone is on time. It will last about 50 minutes, it will be a rich celebration and worthy of Santa’s offering. Of course, Olympiakos’ friendly with Armani will follow. It will be a festive and full three hours“, said characteristically Director-General of KAE Olympiacos on the show “Bam and Kato” and Babis Christoglou and Stavros Chondrothimios.

“Nothing similar has been done in Europe for any athlete. They usually take place in scheduled games, a Euroleague game… It is the first time that a specific ceremony and match is held, which has the sole purpose of celebrating an athlete. If Vassilis didn’t deserve this, no other player would. We wanted to do something special. He is the greatest athlete to have worn the Olympiakos shirt in all sports. Vassilis is waiting for it anyway, he has participated in the event. A lot of people will come, his old teammates, teammates, agents… The people who will come will experience emotions and moments that will be etched in their minds forever. It’s worth seeing“, he commented among others.

The General Manager of KAE Olympiacos also explained the reasons why the time of the event was not changed, due to the derby of the “red and white” PAE with AEK that is held on the same day, as well as the great importance of the event for the club.

Listen to what he said on the show “Bam and Down”, on News Bulletin 247:

Source: Sport Fm

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