Ataman: “The goal is to take back the title from Olympiakos and reach the Final Four”


For the new season that starts with Panathinaikos spoke o Ergin Ataman.

The Turkish coach spoke to the camera of “Action 24” in the context of the “Nick Galis International Tournament”, which will bring the “green” against Lantern (16/9) and Maccabi (17/9).

THE Ataman he referred to the difficult friendlies that the team has ahead of them, to the goals of the “clover” but also to his own motivations ahead of the new season.

What the coach of Panathinaikos said in detail to “Action 24”:

For this year’s Panathinaikos: “It is exciting. The team and its history is incredible, full of glory. It is a very professional organization, with a lot of people behind it all over Athens. Many are excited and want to support Panathinaikos. We made a good team, I’m looking forward to the season.”

For the “clover” goals: “We have two goals. The biggest one is to reach the Euroleague Final Four. If we go there everything will be “open”. I say this with respect to the other teams, because 11-12 teams are contenders for the Final Four. There is also a big challenge against Olympiakos, to take back the title and win the championship”.

For the “eternal” derbies and the Turkish “battles”: “Of course, Panathinaikos – Olympiacos is different, it’s a big derby with a terrible atmosphere. Both Fenerbahce and Efes are big clubs, but the world of Efes is different. From what I’ve seen, the Greek derbies are great matches, like the Spanish “classic”.

On the motivation he had to bring Panathinaikos back to the top: “Yes, it’s a good incentive. I finished five years in Ephesus and I believe we achieved everything. Last year we didn’t have such a good season, but for four years we were dominant. I have a new challenge. When I took over Efes they were in last place in the Euroleague and then we dominated. Panathinaikos had two bad seasons, now of course there is a challenge. There is feeling from the team and the president and that’s why we built a very good team. I want to bring Panathinaikos from the last places to the first, as it deserves in its history”.

For the tournament in honor of Nikos Galis in Rhodes: “It is the first time I will go to Rhodes, I know a lot about the island. We will give a good tournament, in a nice place. It is the last matches of the preparation and we will play against good teams. No one is 100% ready. But in these games we will have to improve.”

For the “Pavlos Giannakopoulos” tournament at OAKA: “I have great respect for the Giannakopoulos family. In the past, Pavlos Giannakopoulos gave a lot not only for Panathinaikos, but for European basketball as a whole. When I was the coach of Efes I gladly accepted the invitation. Now I am the coach of Panathinaikos and I am looking forward to these matches. People will see the team for the first time. Of course, preparation and friendlies do not determine what will happen in the season. But we want to improve.”

For the love he receives from the world: “I saw that people respect me and have a lot of feelings for me. I’m excited to see our audience at OAKA.”

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