The quadrilateral aeronautical exercise “Eunomia 4-23”, which took place in the Eastern Mediterranean, as part of the Coordinated Quadrilateral Initiative QUAD of Greece, the Republic of Cyprus, France and Italy, was completed today, Friday, September 15.


As announced, yesterday, Thursday 14 September, the Distinguished Visitors Day (DV Day) took place, the activities of which were attended by representatives of all four QUAD countries, including the Fleet Commander Vice Admiral Dimitrios – Eleftherios Kataras PN as a representative the head of the General Staff of the National Guard General Konstantinos Floros, the head of the General Staff of the National Guard Lieutenant General George Tsitsikostas, the commander of the French Mediterranean and Black Sea Naval Forces (CECMED) Vice Admiral Gilles Boidevezi and the head of the Italian Navy Fleet Vice Admiral Aurelio de Carolis.


The “Eunomia” series of exercises was first held in 2020 and coordinated by France in 2023.

The purpose of the exercise, the announcement added, is to strengthen the combat capability and cooperation of the participating forces, as well as to develop their ability to conduct and coordinate aeronautical operations in the international waters of the Eastern Mediterranean.


In the exercise from the Greek side, personnel from the Air Force, the Navy and the Special Warfare Command (DEP) of the GEETHA also participated.


During its duration, complex operational objects were executed, as below:

● Air Defense Exercise (ADEX) objects.

● Combat training objects between different types of aircraft (Dissimilar Air Combat Training – DACT).

● Attacking Surface Based Air Defense (SBAD).

● Shots from Warships at a surface target (Gun Exercise – GUNEX).

● Combined Anti-Submarine Exercise (CASEX).

● Visit Board Search and Seizure Operations (VBSS).

● Civilian Evacuation Operations (Non-Combatant Evacuation Operation – NEO).

● Search and rescue (Search and Rescue Exercise – SAREX).

● High schools of electronic warfare, communications and advanced maneuvers.


The exercise, the announcement continues, is part of the international cooperation of the Hellenic Armed Forces in accordance with the planning of the Greek Armed Forces, demonstrates the collective intention and commitment of the four member countries of the European Union in the implementation and respect of the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), with the aim of highlighting the role played by Greece, Cyprus, France and Italy as pillars of security and stability in the wider Eastern Mediterranean region.