“We don’t feel safe”: New letter from Spain players with their demands


The 23 world champions issued a statement explaining their requirements to be available again to compete with their national women’s team Spain.

“The changes that have been made are not enough for players to feel safe, for women to be respected, for women’s football to be supported and to be able to maximize our potential.”, the announcement states, among other things. Because they obviously think so the removal of Luis Rubiales and Jorge Vilda they are not enough to correct the typos in the “furious rocha”.

In the statement-announcement, the players of Spain state that they will not be available to represent their country in the upcoming matches against Sweden (22/09) and Switzerland (26/09) for the Nations League.

In their place will be added the 12 players from the famous group of “15” who did not attend the World Cup and another number of players, reaching a total of 41 available.

The main reason is that they consider the changes made to the RFEF with their departure insufficient Luis Rubiales and Jorge Vilda. Their requests have been made public with the following announcement, in which they request the following points:

-Restructuring of women’s football organization chart

-Restructuring of the cabinet of the president and the general secretary

-Resignation of the RFEF president

-Restructuring of the communication and marketing space

-Restructuring of integrity management.

In the statement, the players repeat it “their great displeasure after the events that took place” after the World Cup final, as well as in “subsequent meeting” of RFEF. They assure that these events “they are not something specific and they go beyond sports.”

In recent weeks, the statement said, meetings were held with the Federation to explain the changes the players “they understand that they are necessary to be able to move forward”in a stance, as football players say, “open to dialogue” for on their part, “they seek to convey clear and substantiated reasons that we understand are necessary to enable us to perform our work at the highest level.”

The changes they are asking for “are based on zero tolerance for those people who, from a position within the FEF, instigated, condoned or condoned behavior contrary to the dignity of women”. Hence the request for “hasty changes in RFEF leadership” of “people who we believe should be far from the system that is supposed to protect us and which unfortunately is far from an advanced society.”

The decision was announced a few minutes before the new coach was introduced, Monse Tome and give the list corresponding to the aforementioned upcoming matches.

Source: Sport Fm

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