Ponce: “Let’s have the same mentality as in the previous matches against Olympiakos”


In the way he plays Matias Almeida and of AEK has started to adapt Eki Ponce as he pointed out on Cosmote TV. The Argentinian striker claimed the break was good for him and his team as it helped them get even closer.

As for what she should do AEK to take the derby against Olympic; THE Ponce he mentioned that he and his teammates are asked to have the same mentality and image as in the past games, while he emphasized that it is an amazing feeling to compete in OPAP Arena.

What Ponce told Cosmote TV in detail:

On whether the league break helped the team: “The truth is that the players who stayed here were able to and worked a lot. We tried to bring the team together even more. Each one of us tried to give our best. I think we prepared properly for the next event, which starts again this weekend.”

On what AEK should do in order to win: “Obviously, we should have at least the image we had in the last games. We should play like champions, show that “thirst” that we show in every match. With this mentality, we will have a good performance against Olympiakos.”

On whether he remembers the Greek derbies from his previous tenure: “Obviously, I remember the derbies very well, I know how people live them, I know what they expect. And that’s why we are ready to be able to respond.”

On whether he feels he is close to adapting to AEK’s style of play: “It is true that I have begun to adapt. The previous period of time helped me to be able to understand even the small details in our system. To get to know my teammates even more deeply and their way of thinking. And what I want is to be able to play a lot of games because I feel that I have fully understood our game system.”

On what AEK he left in his first term and which AEK he met now that he has returned: “I have very good memories from the last time I was here. Now that I came back, I saw an AEK more like a family, more united. Certainly the strength of this group gives us extra motivation. And of course, the push and support from our world makes us even stronger.”

About the difference between the Olympic Stadium and the OPAP Arena: “The truth is that I had played in the Olympic Stadium. Now in the OPAP Arena I had the opportunity to play a game until today. What you feel is something amazing, something very beautiful. And I hope with my teammates that we experience a similar atmosphere on Sunday.”

Source: Sport Fm

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