AEK: Plan to win from Almeida against Olympiakos – The dilemmas of “Pelados”


A winning plan for AEK’s derby with Olympiacos, on Sunday (17/9, 21:30) at OPAP Arena, the Matias Almeida.

The problems are important for the Argentine technician, with Petros Latch to be punished and the Levites Garcia and Miyat Gacinovic to follow an individual program on Friday (15/9) as well and thus, barring a shocking contingency, to be left out of the mission. It is recalled that the last training of the “biceps” is scheduled for Saturday afternoon (16/9, 18:30).

Therefore, in a 4-4-1-1 system, o Ponce expected to start at the top of the offense, with Cumber to frame him. Gemini on the axis will be the Johnson and Shimansky (there is also Galanopoulos as an alternative), with Pineda to have priority for the left of the midfield line, while on the right the position is played between Amrabad and Eliasson.

Of course, it is possible that he will start as a starter for the first time this season Araujo, which could potentially bring Zuber to left and Pineda to center. Without, of course, these being the only alternatives, as despite the absences, AEK’s roster has depth and offers options (Zini, Pizarro, etc.).

As far as the defense is concerned, things are clearer with them Rota, Vida, Mukudi and Hadjisafi to have the first floor, while under the beams will be preserved the Stankovic.

In any case, in “Enos” they are determined to win, in the first game of the … devil’s week that begins (followed by Brighton on Thursday and Panathinaikos next Monday). Besides, they will also have the support of their fans, who made a “yellow and black” record in the seasons!

Source: Sport Fm

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