Galis: “I feel all of Greece is mine, the love of the world is the greatest reward”


The “present” in tournament of Rhodes held in his honor and Panathinaikos, Fenerbahce and Maccabi Tel Aviv participate Nikos Galis!

The “gangster”, who could not miss the “Nick Galis International Tournament”, spoke about the love he receives from the worldfor today basketball playing style, while giving his own advice to young children involved in sport.

The statements of Nikos Galis in detail:

“The love of the world is the greatest reward for an athlete. Beyond fame and money what matters is the love of the world. And that excites me. I feel all of Greece is mine. My dad is from Rhodes, I grew up in Thessaloniki. I love all of Greece.

If I were playing today, I wouldn’t change my style much. The style was different then. He had units. Imagination played a bigger role. We also played a little more impressively for the spectators. Today the players are more fit and don’t play as impressively.

May the young players love the shirt. To play for the jersey. To listen to the coach and exercise more than they should. To go step by step. In a knockout tournament you have to see every match as a final.”

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