Lamia “answered” OFI twice and… 2-2 Matsara!


Exciting game at “Athanassios Diakos” between Lamia and OFI, with the Cretans leading twice and the home team finding as many “answers” for the final 2-2in the first scheduled match for the 4th matchday of the Stoiximan Super League.

After a… calm first 25 minutes, o Dicko opened the scoring for the visitors, with Chilouli to equalize at the start of the second half, before o Gayegos give OFI the lead again. The final 2-2 was formed in the 74th minute with an own goal Checkered.

Thus, Lamia reached 5 points, having only one defeat so far in the league, this one against Olympiakos, while OFI rose to 7, also having only one defeat, at the home of Asteras Tripoli.

In the mind of the coaches

THE Leonidas Vokolos changed system by lining up his team with 3-5-2, without having Tzandari, Kyriakos Papadopoulos and Giannoutsos available. Koselef was under the posts, with Pavlovets, Dzanetopoulos and Kornezos as a trio of stoppers. Simon on the right wing, Saramandas on the left, with Stankos and Nunes in midfield and Slivkas in a more free role in front of them and behind Tsiloulis and Carlitos.

With the same system he lined up OFI o Valdas Dabrauskas, who could not count on the services of Christogeorgou, Riera and Mosquera. Sotiriou started as goalkeeper, with Vouros, Pasalidis and Karos in front of him. Larsson started on the right side, Thorarinsson on the left, with Mejado, Gayegos and Bakic as the midfield trio, while Diko and Toral formed the attacking duo for the Cretans.

The match

The match was balanced at the start, with OFI creating the first final attempt in the 6th minute and Kosele easily blocking Bakic’s long shot. Lamia took the initiative and threatened Sotiriou for the first time in the 21st minute, after a cross by Saramantas and a misdirected header by Slivkas.

OFI took the lead in the 26th minute, when after a deep ball by Meyado and a misunderstanding between Pavlovets and Koselev, Diko “punched” between them and took advantage of the opportunity, sending the ball into the net with projection! In the 30th minute, the scorer again went behind the defense of the hosts, but this time his finish went wide.

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Afterwards, Lamia turned up the pace and pushed for the equalizing goal, missing a great opportunity in the 37th minute, when after a Carlitos corner kick, the ball went past everyone and Tsiloulis didn’t have time to make contact to score in front of an empty net. In the 40th minute, OFI “touched” the second goal, with Koselev coming out the winner in a 4-on-4 with Toral, in a phase that started with a mistake by Kornezos. In the delays of the first half, Saramantas landed very clumsily on the pitch and injured his knee, unable to continue.

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Leonidas Vokolos made two changes at the start of the second half, bringing on Tosic and Vasilantonopoulos for Saramandas and Pavlovets, while also changing the formation of his team. Lamia were fortunate to equalize with the first phase they created after returning from the dressing room, with Karlitos finding space and delivering a perfect vertical pass to Tsiloulis, who squared perfectly with Sotiriou for the 1 -1!

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Although the hosts were superior at the start of the second half, OFI took the lead again in the 66th minute when, after a beautiful ball movement, Gayegos found space and shot from the edge of the box, with the ball going against Cornezos before it ends up in the net.

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However, the visitors’ joy lasted only 8 minutes, since in the 74th minute, after Tosic’s corner kick, Karo did not react properly, sending the ball into his team’s net with a header for the final 2-2. In 82′, Neira made a beautiful individual effort and stepped into the area, but his place was against the body of Kornezos, while the Cretans missed a great chance to get the victory in 90’+7′, when after Felipe’s cross, Neira shot on the move but the ball ended up high out.

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MVP: THE Gayegos stood out for OFI, performing very well both defensively and offensively. He also scored his team’s second goal in the 67th, with a beautiful effort and shot into the right corner of Koselev.

The whistle: In general, the refereeing of Fotias was good, who counted the first two goals of the match after the recommendation of the VAR. He was in control of the match and we can say that he responded.

The compositions:

Lamia (Vokolos, 3-5-2): Koselev – Tzanetopoulos, Kornezos (90’+3′ Santana), Pavlovets (46′ Vasilantonopoulos) – Simon, Stanko (73′ Longo), Nunies, Tsiloulis, Saramantas (46′ Tosic) – Slivka, Karlitos (87′ Tsilianidis)

Nagy, Akunia, Lake, Martines remained on the bench.

OFI (Dabrauskas, 3-5-2): Sotiriou – Vouros, Pasalidis, Karo – Larson, Meyado (84′ Glaser), Gayegos, Bakics, Thorarinsson (79′ Abada) – Toral (79′ Neira), Diko (57′ Felipe)

Bowman, Apostolakis, Giannoulis, Lambropoulos, Marinakis remained on the bench.

The Live of

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Source: Sport Fm

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