Diamantidis: “Spanoulis’ dedication is a very good tip for the kids who play basketball”


At this time, her big gala is taking place KAE Olympiacos to in honor of Vassilis Spanouliswho will be awarded tomorrow at the packed SEF (17/09), in an evening where the shirt with No. 7 will forever grace the sky of the Faleric field.

The “present” at tonight’s event at Asteras Vouliagmenis was given by many personalities from the world of basketball, among whom was Dimitris Diamantidiswho spoke about his friendship with “V Span”, but also about what he has contributed to the sport.

The statements of Dimitris Diamantidis:

For Vassilis Spanoulis: “When we were teammates we conquered very nice things. When we were friends we had a great time, when we were rivals it has its ups and downs, but that’s life. Apart from that, however, Vassilis had a tremendous career, he has contributed a lot to Greek basketball. Today he has a very nice event and we are here to honor him. I saw too many people inside and he only deserves a thumbs up, to him, his family, his children. May he be healthy, he continues in the field of basketball, we are here to honor him. One thing I have told him many times, how dedicated he was to what he did and how hard he worked. It’s a very nice tip for kids who play basketball or want to do it.”

For which moment of Vassilis Spanoulis will he not forget: “When he made the last basket, I can’t forget it, but I’ll get used to it.”

For the presence of a green hero in the manifestation of a red one: “Our difference can be 40 minutes on the court, which is logical because you want to win. But until then, we are friends outside. It should be self-evident to the fans and to the players.”

Source: Sport Fm

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