Jovanovic: “We had both quality and concentration and led the match where we wanted”


THE Ivan Jovanovich after Panathinaikos’ 5-0 win over Panaitolikos, he spoke at the press conference and mentioned several things.

The 61-year-old technician commented on him Bernardwho scored a hat-trick, the opponent, but also the very important match of the trefoil with Villarreal.

What the Serb said in detail at the press conference:

For depth on the bench this year: “We have good footballers and quite a few of them. We also have good footballers who were not in the squad today. I am satisfied with both the victory and the score. It was a good score for us. It was not easy for Panaitolikos who found himself behind in the score. Our psychology due to the development of the game was at the highest level and this also helped those who came in as a substitute.”

For the matches after the break that always hide dangers and the changed Bernard this year: “Bernard is an excellent footballer. Every player needs his space and time no matter how long a career he has behind him. We have high demands and because we are pressured by the results we are strict judges. I’m happy for him, he scored three goals that decided the match. Regarding the first leg, it was a matter of how we would present ourselves after the break and I was worried. I think our reaction, apart from the beginning of the game, was cool. Even in the phases of the game where we weren’t good, we kept our composure and scored the chances we had. A lot of concentration was needed and we had it. Relying on our quality, we were able to take a game where we wanted.”

On the fact that Panathinaikos looks good after every stoppage: “We are helped by the level of the team and the name of the team. I didn’t know that statistic. When we lose players due to the break (i.e. they leave for their national teams) it is not the best for a coach. It’s always torture these two weeks for teams that have internationals like us. The fact that our players are fully aware and focused on the goal contributes to us getting wins after the break. It’s good after every break to be as good as today and this is primarily an achievement of the players and the mindset they have.”

For the match against Villarreal: “I think these are the matches that everyone wants to play. These matches are easier for the coach than those where Panathinaikos is considered a favorite. The preparation when we have European games or when we have a derby like the other week with AEK are matches that footballers look for. They have high spirits and want to prove who they are. We will have the support of the fans against Villarreal, which means we will also have the corresponding responsibilities. In these types of games, the coaches have an easier task than the rest.”

On the image of Panaitolikos and the heavy defeat he suffered: “Generally I think we are better. Panaitolikos at the beginning of the game was more energetic than us. He was quite organized. The first two goals helped us. Then, from the moment Panaitolikos opened, it was perfectly logical for this score to come. Today is a difficult day for Panaitolikos. It is a team that I like and has a stability. It is not easy for them, but I believe they will manage to overcome it. It’s always difficult for us here. I wish the best for Panaitolikos in the future. You are always happy when you come to play in this stadium. I hope it surpasses today’s result.

The children of Panaitolikos entered with the mood to play. In the first half, 2-3 passes were dangerous for us. It’s a team that has made a lot of changes in the summer and with just three matches you can’t judge them. It takes time. It’s not easy to find yourself behind against a big team. A failure in football can work positively when you have a properly structured team. It’s still early in the league. The league has time. We were good today and it was not an easy day for Panaitolikos. We have enough quality that we can take advantage of the smallest mistakes.”

Source: Sport Fm

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