Ketsetzoglou: “Ponce sure for 11, Eliasson favorite on the right”


THE Kostas Ketsetzoglou does not rule out changes due to management ahead of its three big games AEK in a period of eight days, as he pointed out to News Bulletin 247however, he emphasized that he is definitely expecting Ezekiel Ponce to start tonight against Olympiakos (21:30).

I believe that in one of the three upcoming matches we will see Araouhos as the main player. I think Zuber will play, I also think Ponce will start for sure. Otherwise he would not have taken Van Weert on the mission. There are three matches in a row that are very difficult, but the one with Brighton cannot be said to be the most critical. We are talking about the team that is the favorite not only for the group, but maybe also for the Europa League. It is a model team“, he emphasized and added:

Jonsson and Szymanski under normal circumstances should start in all three of those games, but I see it as difficult. Galanopoulos can play. Perhaps only the Vida-Mukudi duo will play in all three matches. I’m giving Eliasson a slight edge for the right, because Amrbat can change the flow of the match coming off the bench».

He concluded by stating that “… today’s match doesn’t judge anything, whatever the result, but it’s important for both teams because they want to make a statement».

Source: Sport Fm

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